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The map below shows our long first day from where we left the car, just beyond La Foury, to the top of Val Ferret then over into Italy and back down the Val d'Entremont via the St Bernard pass. At the bottom of the page are some statistics on the whole trip.


On day two we cross a col at Montorge and then first traverse then climb a ridge to the Velan hut. Then on day three we cross the valley and climb higher to the Valsorey hut.


Day 4 is a long one with a steep ascent of the SW face of Grand Combin before crossing two cols to reach the Mont Durand glacier. A further traverse, descent and climb brings us to the Chanrion hut.


Day 5 takes up two maps! On the first one below we go north from the Chanrion hut to cross first the Col de Lire Rose and the the col du Mont Rouge. Then round under La Ruinette before ascending the winter summit of Mont Blanc de Cheilon.


After leaving Mont Blanc de Cheilon we cross the Cheilon glacier before climbing over the Pas de Chevres and then skiing down into Arolla.



    Distance Time Elev gain Elev lost Max elev Min elev
Day 1 La Fouly to Plan de Jeu 17.1km 7:28 1486 1058 2715 1640
Day 2 Plan de Jeu to Velan hut 8.6km 4:10 1149 588 2902 2076
Day 3 Velan hut to Valsorey hut 5.4km 2:40 712 330 3028 2385
Day 4 Valsorey hut to Chanrion hut 14.8km 5:52 965 1534 3670 2250
Day 5 Chanrion hut to Arolla 20.9km 7:43 1512 1806 3810 2169
    65.9km 27:53 5824 5316