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Parvis ApartmentsWe moved into our new apartment in Holland Hill on 15 July and it is now the start of September. Why does it feel like we have hardly been here? It might be something to do with the fact that I have spent 2 weeks in Shanghai, 6 days in the Philippines, 10 days in Beijing and 5 days in Switzerland! And to cap that we had to wait a couple of weeks until our container arrived and the place felt habitable.

Well now it is feeling more like home. We have a lovely flat surrounded by some of our favourites pictures and stuff. We have a great swimming pool and the shops, restaurants and MRT are close by. It is called 'Holland Village' - I am not sure that you qualify as a village if you are surrounded by high rises and live in a condo but it does have a more relaxed feel than much of Singapore. The side streets on the walk to the shops are low rise - a mango nearly hit me on the head as I walked down the road, the shops are more local with fresh fish, meat and veg and more practical too - we have a good hardware shop - not all Gucci and Prada. And the there is great eating as well - from the local Food Court to a wide mix of Chinese, Indian, Lebanese, Thai and Italian restaurants.

Check out the slideshow below for more info...