I kept this diary of things we have done in Singapore for 2 years. I have now moved some of it to other travel pages but you can still find links to many of our activities here. I have also created a reading list of books we have read about the region.

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Bullet trainWe have not had a break on our own (apart from work trips and home) since last August so in May we splash out and head for the Six Senses Resort in Ko Samui. One of our favourite hotels, Soniva Fushi, shared the same owner so we were keen to see how they had done in Thailand.

We are pleased to find the same 'Robinson Crusoe chic' style and charming service from the Thai staff. The food is not as special as the high prices warrant but otherwise we are very happy and soon relaxed.

WrasseI am keen to go diving and Vicky is up for trying it again after her leg operation. There are no reefs on Ko Samui so we head off towards Ko Tao on a powerful speedboat. It is about 80 mins to Sail Rock, a pinnacle on the way to Ko Tao and a fabulous dive site. The viz is very clear and there are big schools of fish, from tiny bait fish to huge groupers and sweetlips. Dive guide Ben finds some of the smaller creatures - nudibranchs, razor fish and shrimps. Vicky has no problem adjusting to diving although she now needs much less weight!

Dive boat in Mango BayThe next day I go diving again. This time to Ko Tao itself. This is one of the most popular places to learn to dive in the world so I expect it to be crowded. In fact it is fine although we are rather crowded in by other boats when we moor for lunch in Mango Bay. The first dive is disappointing with poor viz but the second is good - Ao Leuk, a bay in the SE of the island with pretty corals and plenty of fish. The island is a smaller version of Ko Samui. Granite rock with sandy coves and quite a steep shoreline.

Chaweng lookoutBack on Ko Samui we decide to explore the island and rent a scooter for the day. On our trusty Honda 125 we start at the Big Buddha before driving along the strip at Chaweng (not v exciting) then crossing the island passing the very commercial elephant ride and off road tour spots before coming up the west coast and back across past Fisherman Cove. For Vicky the highlight is a visit to the market where we stock up on Thai spices and vegetables for a dinner party in Singapore this week!

cookery classLast bit of excitement in the hotel is a cookery lesson. Our lovely teacher, Pakob, shows us how to chop and crush spices for a variety of salads, soups, curries and stir fries. Thai cooking is not difficult - "it is all in the preparation" as Vicky says coveting a heavy stone pestel and mortar. We can get the ingredients in Singapore (fresh turmeric root, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass and Thai Basil) so look forward to putting our new skills into practice when we get home.

View the slideshow below for more diving and relaxing.