Monday 15 July 2002
Vicky at GarsingtonOff to Garsington to see Rossini's Thieving Magpie with John and Hilary. Vicky and I get there early as we fear rain and want to get a spot in the picnic tent. In fact the weather is fine until a downpour while we are undercover watching the final act.

The team plus David HendersonThe Poolers arrive looking relaxed and cultured. John is somewhat conscious of the fact that he left his DJ on the back of a chair in the kitchen. We pursuade him that this is the look for 2002 and that traditionalists like David Henderson, tea broker extraordinaire, are behind the times.

Hil and VicVegatable patchHil and Vicky pose in front of the house. The Thieving Magpie is a great success, light, fun and fairly traditionally staged but with great music and memorable arias.
Judy in the GardenA week later and we are back - this time Vicky misses the show and Judy joins me with Steve and Helen. Judy excels in dressing for the part although we are not sure whether furs are politically correct this year. They do go brilliantly with the exotic gardens however.
Helen and JudyDon Giovanni is a triumph. On of the best productions that I have seen in ten years of Garsington. Everything works - the orchestra is spot on, there are no weak links in the cast and the design and sets are great. Helen and Judy compare notes in front of the rather maritine programme booth - washed ashore on top of a hill in Oxfordshire??

Stevie BGardenSteve cuts the part of a successful dot.com millionaire. The sun shines, the gardens are gorgeous.

We will be booking tickets for 2003 next January only pausing to think whether we need to change up to super duper friends to guarantee tickets.
Garsington Lake