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Wednesday 2 June 2004
Hong Kong island from the Sheraton roofIn mid September 2003 I up sticks and head off to Hong Kong to run the Far East part of a huge project that we are running for MCI, the troubled global telco.

After the shock of leaving home and family at short notice I start to find my way around this extraordinary, buzzing city.
On the boat to Lamma After a week settling in we start to get more adventurous. First off is a Sunday trip to Lamma island for a walk in the country and spectacularly good seafood lunch.
You'll never guess what this isI am responsible for all our work across the Far East. The three main centres that MCI operates from are Hong Kong, Sydney and Singapore. So once we are up and running in HK it is down to Australia to start things off there and visit this amazing country for the first time.
Market waresBack in Hong Kong we see that the Chinese deserve their reputation as the inventors of fireworks. After another hard week's work we head off for another island excursion, this time to Lantau - home of both the new airport and the giant buddha.
Warrior on Chinatown temple The next job is to get our work started in Singapore. Again I have never been here before and travel down on the Saturday morning so that I can spend the weekend getting to know the place before starting work on the Monday. It turns out to be a city full of shopping malls and antiseptically clean.
Racing at Happy ValleyBack in Hong Kong we decide that it is time to visit the race track. Happy Valley must be the highest value stretch of turf in the world and with local guide Charles showing us the ropes we are soon losing our money on a succession of races while we appreciate the Chinese love of gambling.
The gang in Macau Our third Sunday island trip is to Macao to see this famous former Portuguese colony. We have a fascinating time touring the casino, the parks and narrow streets. I nearly get us all killed when a 'short cut' back to the ferry finds us on a pavementless stretch of road used in the Macao Grand Prix where the locals seem to be practicing for the race the following weekend.
Vicky on Victoria PeakVicky arrives to celebrate her birthday. With shopping in Stanley market, trips up the peak, rock concerts, pollution and a half marathon it is an action packed weekend.
Quarry Bay officesWe move offices, hotels and get to know our new surroundings down in Quarry Bay. Rather grim surroundings but a fantastic office development. The week is further enlivened by the rugby world cup and the Stones.
Hong Kong trailAfter several months I have explored the streets, markets and islands. I decide to tackle one of the famous Hong Kong trails before the end of my stay. 50 very hilly kilometres of very scenic rural paths.
3 men in a boatPretty much my final excursion is across the island to Aberdeen to visit the famous floating restaurants. Aberdeen looks nothing like the small fishing village that it was 30 years ago. Now surrounded by tower blocks the fishing goes on although the fish sellers regularly get done over by the health and safety people for excess pollution in their tanks (yummy)