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Tigers Lair

Bhutan is a small country sandwiched between the North East of India and Tibet. When we arrive in October 2012 it is changing fast. As the last remaining Himalayan kingdom it is still steeped in tradition - the king is highly regarded, Buddhism is part of everyday life and festivals and ritual are an important part of Bhutanese culture. Much of the country is still isolated - the first roads were only constructed in 1964 and many are still washed away each year in the monsoons - however much of the North and East of the country is still only accessible on foot.

Jakar FestivalJakar FestivalHowever many changes are afoot. The king's father, who abdicated in 2006, introduced parliamentary democracy for the first time. The arrival of cable TV stations are giving people a window on the outside world together with awareness of consumerism and Western brands. Tourism is still restricted although numbers exceeded 60,000 this year, a big increase on previous years.

This makes our visit very timely. Two weeks provide a fascinating introduction to the people, landscape and culture and a desire to return. Let's hope that the Bhutan of two years time is equally fabulous.

Punakha Dzong