Ross and Vicky's Round the World Adventure

It all started with some fellow divers telling us about the Bilikiki, a dive boat operating in the Solomon Islands. We knew that you had to book up to two years in advance and December 2019 had seemed a good time to aim for. We had also thought for a long time about visiting our friends in New Zealand although we had never managed to get there as it was such a long trip. Then we saw the Oceania exhibition in the Royal Academy and standing in front of that big map of the Pacific we thought why not? From here, with my retirement, we decided to go around the world adding some more places which have always been on our list but too far to reach...

Our journey



Cambodia Temples and Schools

After months of planning, at the end of November 2019 we are finally off on our round the world tour. The first stop is Singapore for a couple of days to catch up with old friends and then we head on to Cambodia to see the progress that United World Schools has made since Vicky visited four years ago and to visit the school that we sponsored - Kiri Vongsa. Read more>


Diving in the Solomons

It is 6:15 in the morning. We are moving through flat seas with small tree-covered islands all around the horizon. Dolphins are playing in our bow wake and off to our right, two men are fishing in dugout canoes. The sun is coming up in a sky of fluffy clouds. We are in the Russell Islands, part of the Solomon Archipelago, on day 11 of our two week diving trip aboard the Bilikiki. Read more>


Diving the Poor Knights Islands in New Zealand

23 kilometers off New Zealand's Tutukaka coast the Poor Knights Islands allegedly got their name from Captain Cook who thought they looked like a knight lying down - see above! They are now a marine nature reserve and a great place to see millions of schooling fish as well as a huge diversity of other marine life. Read more>


New Year in New Zealand

First impressions of New Zealand as we catch up with old friends, explore Auckland and then head further afield with Tommy to enjoy Northland, Waiheke Island and the Coromandel peninsula. Read more>


Volcanoes and Vineyards

For the second part of our visit to NZ we explore some of the rest of North Island. Over eight days we drive south through the centre of the island to Taupo, spend a day in the Tongariro National Park and then continue SW to Napier and Hawkes Bay. After three nights in wine country we head on to Wellington for a couple of nights before taking the ferry across the Cook Straits to Picton in South Island.Read more>


The Wild West Coast

After sophisticated wine tasting and dining in Marborough we head off for the wilder side of South Island. The West Coast is home to only 33,000 people and there is an awful lot of mountain wilderness.Read more>